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Silent III (Pre Order)


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Silent Issue III. Featuring photographers such as Ben Gea, Scott Marcaeu, Jeff Zielinski, Paul Robinson, Lucas Comino, Christin Mauldin, John Humphries, and Chris Hernandez.

Featured Riders: Chase Dehart, Andrew Piano, Bill Howard, Brett Silva, David Grant, Zach Gerber, Steven Hamilton, Mike Hoder, Jake Coulson, Jimmy Kleoudis, Ralhy Ramos, Rory Ellis, Trevor Sigloch, Benny Gonzales, Dan Kruk, Felix Prangenberg, Jarren Boarboza, Mad Mike, Mike Stahl, Parker Health, Ryan Chadwick, Matt Cordova, Corey Walsh and waaay more.

Silent Issue III is 100 pages, 280 MM x 215 MM + Perfect bound.

Shipping November.