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To further our collaborative relationship with photographer Jeff Z and to make sure we bring to you exactly what you need in life we present “Silent”, a 72 page perfect bound printed book combining over 35 un-released and un-published photographs from Jeff Z and contributors such as Hikaru Funyu, Cooper Brownlee, Jason Colledge, Pat Freyne and more.

“Silent” is a visual footpath of riding photos, cut and paste collage, painted mixed media, and minimal editorial. Doomed has pieced this together in way that represents and mirrors the brands evocative graphical style.

Additionally, “Silent” comes pre bagged and with a printed poster and stickers.

Due to the hands-on approach and assemblage of “Silent” it has been limited to just 300 copies with 200 available in select stockists. The remaining 100 are available for pre-order direct from spread over US, UK and EU stores.

Priced at $25, £20, €23 and Y3,800

Shipping: December 1st